Tag Maps Video Workshops

by alexdunkel

In the last few months, I put some work into the availability of methods and tools for tag maps generation. I hope the following collection helps to answer some of the questions I received from people who are interested in creating similar maps:

First, there are now two Video Tutorials available that demonstrate how to create Tag Maps from Flickr data:

Important: For the time being, I cannot provide the data used in this tutorial. Flickr’s terms of use do not allow sharing large Metadatasets that were retrieved from the public API. Sharing large metadatasets is primarily problematic in terms of user privacy (despite the fact that data is publicly shared by users). The only solution at the moment is querying the Flickr API on your own terms. If I come up with a solution (such as a suitable anonymization of raw data) I will edit this post.

.. and secondly, all tools are now available as Open Source on GitHub:
1) Clipgeo:
2) Access Photo Database Interface:

These pages contain also some basic How to’s and background info.

Workshop Files (without raw data/ without privacy sensitive information)